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Diabetes Mental Health

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Diabetes Mental Health

You have T1D and you feel overwhelmed and confused.  The frustrations that come along with diabetes can feel overbearing, disappointing, and challenging.  As sympathetic as they are, your loved ones and friends don’t fully get it.  You feel alone, vulnerable, and unsupported in how to manage your diabetes properly.  The mental health effects of living with a chronic illness are not being addressed by your doctors.

You want to feel supported, you want to feel like you are not alone. 

Type 1 Diabetes can cause so much anxiety and overwhelm. At times it robs us of so much and makes us feel held back from reaching our goals and dreams.  Here is the thing: Type 1 Diabetes is something you have to come to terms with. It’s a chronic disease, which means there will be flare-ups and hard days.  However, the stress and anxiety of Type 1 Diabetes is something that you can get support for. 

You are not alone in this walk.

I am Shoshana Ort. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I also happen to be someone very familiar with Type 1 Diabetes. I walk this path every day. I know what it is like to struggle with a chronic disease and still have to figure out a way to show up in life.  I can help you get support, have a healthier relationship with food, and live lighter even with the constant strain, stress, and anxiety that comes along with T1D.. I understand the want and need of support, the weight of burnout, and the feeling that you do not have control, even after following the guidelines from the doctors.  I also struggle with the daily balancing act that never seems to give us a break.  I understand the ups and downs of Type 1 Diabetes. The good days, and the rough days. I understand what it looks like when you can’t keep up with all of it.  

I can help you with support.

I can help you work through the anxiety of living with Type 1 Diabetes.

I can help you have a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Don’t let the overwhelm of this disease control your life. Don’t let Type 1 Diabetes be the thing that holds you back. 

It’s time to get the support you deserve, the support that understands this walk. 

Give me a call today at (720)772-7149.


Exhausted, constantly on edge, and anxious.


Like you have an unhealthy relationship with food and not a positive body image.


Confused about what to eat.


Like your health is holding you back from who you want to be and the life you want to live.


You are not alone!  

Did you know that…

  • People living with diabetes are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.
  • Rates of depression across the lifespan are 2 times greater for people with diabetes than in the general population.
  • People with type 1 diabetes are twice as likely to live with disordered eating.
  • In women with type 1 diabetes, bulimia is the most common eating disorder while women with type 2 diabetes are more likely to deal with binge eating.

Who's Behind Diabetes Mental Health

Hi, I’m Shoshana Ort, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has had T1D since the age of two. I am passionate about helping individuals, parents, families, and couples who are living with T1D to thrive. I specialize in working with anxiety, as well as disordered eating and unhealthy body images and relationships with food. I work with individuals who are newly diagnosed and confused about what steps to take to manage their lives, as well as those who are dealing with diabetes burnout and need someone who really understands the details of living with diabetes. I use various modalities, including CBT, DBT, IFS, motivational interviewing, and more, to help individuals get to the root of where the issues are stemming from, and thrive.

What to expect in our sessions:

Just as diabetes management must be reviewed and adjusted frequently in order to find a long-term solution to care, you may be struggling with different parts of diabetes management at different times, and may need help in different areas, and a different level or frequency of care. I get it, and I’m here to help. In our sessions, naturally, other topics come up like stress, anxiety, relationships, and so forth. By working with various modalities I am able to help the entire person in various aspects that are getting in their way, and help them thrive.

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I have presented for the ADCES (Association for Diabetes Care and Education Specialists) as well as the DSMES (Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support) on various topics related to diabetes mental health and management. Reach out to book a speaking engagement.

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